White Screen on PiTFT screen with Raspberry 3

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Raspberry Pi Model : 3

PiTFt Screen : 480×320 Resistive Touch

Why this page ?

Adafruit link may not work and give errors due to Raspberry Pi kernel update.

Using this scripts gave me good results :

# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/adafruit/Adafruit-PiTFT-Helper/master/adafruit-pitft-helper2.sh
# chmod +x adafruit-pitft-helper2.sh
# sudo ./adafruit-pitft-helper2.sh

My screen 480×320 doesn’t appear in the list so i choose a similar one (key 4)

When asked if you want to boot PiTFt with console say NO so you boot in graphical mode.

White Screen will go away and you’ll be able to reach the console.


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